Fast Food

We define fast food as a restaurant that can be eaten at quickly, rather than a sit-down restaurant. Most of these will simply remove the gluten-containing component of the food, rather than having a GF replacement.

NameTownGF MenuGF PolicySeparate Prep AreaGF ItemsPrice
Jersey Mike’s SubsCoralvilleNoYesYesGF Bread for all subs$$
Five GuysCoralvilleNoYesYesBun-less burgers and fries$$
McDonaldsIowa City
North Liberty
Hot Chocolate
Arby’sIowa City
North Liberty

1 – This restaurant doesn’t have a gluten free prep area, but if cooked correctly the food should not come in contact with gluten
2 – This restaurant only cooks non-gluten items in its fryer
$ – >=$15
$$ – $15-$25
$$$ – >$25

Reviews for Fast Food